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At Smiles on York, the dentist and his staff serve several different communities, including Northern Kentucky, and many Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhoods from his practice located in Newport, Kentucky. Dr. Russell Damron is a Board Certified dentist who offers dentures, bridges, crowns, as well as a full line of dental products and services.

Dentures Q & A

How Often Should a Person With Dentures Visit the Dentist?

Even though a person has dentures, they should still visit their dentist at least once a year. The dentist looks at more than just the teeth during a dental exam. They also carefully look at how the dentures affect the gums and whether they are secure when a person eats or speaks. The dentist will also look at the soft tissue to determine if there are any lesions or areas that are discolored, swollen, or damaged. Even though a person's teeth are gone, the mouth is still the gateway to the health of the rest of the body.

What are Signs of Gum Deterioration?

Gum deterioration is often associated with ill-fitting dentures or dental appliances. Changes in the look and texture of the gums are an immediate indicator that something is amiss within the mouth. Areas that are red and swollen or have started to form lesions can be indicative of an infection or abscess. If a person still has their original teeth, the erosion or receding of the gum tissue can indicate health problems in other areas of the body. If a person does have dentures, deterioration of the gum tissues can be a direct result of the appliances being damaged or changes within the gums has affected how well they fit inside the mouth.

How Long Will a Set of Quality Dentures Last?

If dentures are well made they can last for several years. Dentures are designed to fit the mouth snugly and provide many years of use. Changes in the gum tissues, however, can cause the dentures to need to be reshaped or an additional liner put in place to help hold them securely in place. If the dentures are well cared for, cleaned as needed, and the patient continues to visit the dentist on a regular basis, dentures can last for many years to come. One pair of dentures is normally all that one person will ever need.

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