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Dr. Damron is a Board Certified dentist who serves the residents of Northern Kentucky, and the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area at his practice in Newport, Kentucky. The professional staff of Smiles on York, offer crowns, bridges, dentures, and other appliances to their patients.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

Are Crowns and Bridges Designed to be Permanent?

Depending on the quality of the materials and how they are manufactured, a quality crown should last for several years. Gold crowns can last indefinitely, while crowns and bridges made of porcelain can last for anywhere from five to ten years. They may even last longer if proper care is given. Crowns that are made of composite resins are often considered to be temporary because they are only designed to last for a few years. Bridges that are placed in the mouth using implants are intended to be permanent. The crowns may have to be replaced after several years, but the actual dental work may last indefinitely.

What are Crowns Made of?

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials. Gold crowns will last the longest. As a metal, gold does not deteriorate, wear away, or change in composition, making it one of the most durable materials used in dentistry. High-grade porcelain crowns are designed to be extremely durable and can last anywhere from five to ten years or longer with the right type of care. Crowns made out of composite resins are durable enough to last for a couple of years with proper care. Most composite crowns are put in place until the porcelain crowns can be made and implanted.

What is the Purpose of a Bridge?

The purpose of a bridge is to prevent the teeth on either side of a void from shifting out of place and causing a disruption in the alignment of the jaws. A bridge consists of at least three teeth, sometimes four, that are molded together in a row. The teeth on each end of the bridge are placed on those that rest on either side of the empty space. This keeps the teeth on either side of the gap firmly in place and the gap is filled in by the rest of the bridge. Using a bridge allows the perception that all of the teeth are original. Only by taking a much closer look, can a person determine the bridge is really an appliance.

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